6th World Ethical Pizza Championship

Naples, JUNE 17 and 18, 2024

Energy "Amore"

Category couple's

For those who believe that positive energies attract other positive energies, this unique category should make sense: couple's pizza

(97€ for the couple's - Timing 15')

Energy "Famiglia"

Ethicale Category

The Ethical category encompasses all types of pizza; The jury will evaluate the pizza style following the scoring grid based on the dough; thus, Classic, Neapolitan, Contemporary pizzas, etc., come together, as a family, as we all will be in June 2024, us, the Artisans of the White Art

(97€ - Timing 15')

Energie "sharing"

In Teglia Category

A style of pizza highly favored by consumers, which we need to enhance in our pizzerias, whether it is our main or additional product, participating in this category is a new, significant key to success

(97€ - Timing 25')

Energy "vegetal"


For a pizzeria, offering a 100% plant-based pizza is first and foremost a strong ethical statement; also, it shows the chef's ability to create incredible recipes without any animal products; a truly impressive feat if the pizza turns out to be tasty in the end


Energy "Authentic"


More than just a pizza contest, this involves making the famous traditional pizza and conducting a taste test on various Italian tomato varieties to assess the mastery of the future world champion, beyond the mere gold disc

(97€ - Timing 15')

Pizza Marinara

Energy "Authentic"


A sweet and inspiring category where participants, specialists, and gourmet professionals can create the masterpiece that will seduce a highly demanding clientele

(97€ - Timing 15')